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July 31, 2009


When theres stiff competition out in those streets, sometimes you just gotta raise the bar.

[As Seen on Mansfield Rd. and 3132 by Wink]


Walking on Sunshine

July 31, 2009


A glimpse into the future…solid gold sneaks.

[As Seen on the Boardwalk]

This Week in Bossier

July 30, 2009

creepy uncle

You know, its all just one big happy family reunion until Uncle Miguel starts leering at your sister

A Bossier City bicycle cop was patrolling the Louisiana Boardwalk parking garage when he spotted a 33-year-old man “kiss(ing) on” a girl whom the officer discovered is related to the man, according to Bossier City police.


General Motors Has Fallen on Hard Times

July 29, 2009


Mired in bankruptcy, GM is forced to turned to cheaply made vehicles to help the bottom line, and take some creative liberties in renaming their new found frugalness.


[As Seen at E. 70th and Youree by Stephen]

Going Commando

July 29, 2009


Tell a woman you are from Shreveport, and the panties just drop.

[As seen on Youree Drive, where a woman literally tossed this pair of undies out of her car window at the stop light]

No Doubt This Was a Pleasure Cruise

July 28, 2009


Only because Gilligan had already taken the S.S. Minnow.

[As seen on Cross Lake]

It Feels So Good to Be Part of a Winner

July 28, 2009


So did he have this car during the Anthony Peeler years?

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