It Feels So Good to Be Part of a Winner


So did he have this car during the Anthony Peeler years?

Much much more after the jump…


When the Lakers of the 80’s created “Showtime” they no doubt had the comfort and luxury of Oldsmobile in mind.


Yeah that’s great and all but…


…why is Grimace wearing a Magic Johnson jersey?

[As Seen at the Boardwalk by Chunks]

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5 Comments on “It Feels So Good to Be Part of a Winner”

  1. JSP Says:

    WOW! I am shocked! A car spotted in the Port City, that is purple and gold and no sign of the letters LSU or the phrase Go Tigers, or Tiger Bait!?

  2. myles Says:

    be nice. he probably handpainted Magic himself.

  3. ZSkrilla Says:

    Dude, this is my first time to see the site and holy balls. We don’t have this kind of content up here. This is unreal. Secondly, I didn’t realize Kobe was crosseyed. I have a lot more respect for him now!

  4. Patrick Says:

    It must be hard for kobe to dunk with those T. Rex arms too.

  5. Bunkie Perkins Says:

    Forget the T-Rex arms…Jerry West is shooting with a full on goiter in his neck.

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