The Loneliest Tiger


I know you’re excited about college football season starting, but when you start triple dipping your favorite team’s gear (those socks are so unnecessary) in anticipation, then you cheer for that team alone.

[As Seen at Louisiana Downs]

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6 Comments on “The Loneliest Tiger”

  1. bad boyin Says:

    and dont be “jersey guy”…its just embarrassing

  2. Bolton Says:


  3. Bunkie Perkins Says:

    @Botlon…I would expect nothing less.

  4. I Heart Wal-Mart Says:

    I have a feeling that guy couldn’t tell you how to get to Tiger Stadium if his life depended upon it…

  5. Chad Loup Says:

    Not pictured, this guy’s mom waiting in the parking lot to pick him up.

  6. shawdiggity Says:

    This guy is not a fan…he is a freelance statistician!
    note the writing utensil in hand
    keeping his game tight at the horse track in anticipation of football season…
    As a Freelance statistician, you CANNOT LET UP for one second! DO LET UP, and you’ll be out of a job! all be it a fake job.

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