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This Week in Bossier

September 30, 2009


You’re driving home from a long day…its awfully nice out.  Why not roll the windows down, retract that sunroof, let the winds of early Fall blow through your hair.  Just watch out for naked passers by who will jump into your moving vehicle and attempt to scratch your eyes out…

It was just before midnight Sept. 8. Moll and her husband, Cloyd Moll, had been in the car about six hours returning from a business trip to Austin, Texas.  And home was but moments away when they spied a naked woman, waving her arms above her head, in the middle of the parkway at Walker Road.  The Molls, thinking the woman could have been a crime victim in need of help, screeched to a halt.  The woman yelled that she was going to “die fighting tonight,” her declaration augmented by an expletive…As the woman lowered her 5-foot, 4-inch, 120-pound frame inside the car and into a straddling position on Eleece Moll’s lap, she kicked Cloyd Moll’s face, sending his glasses flying out the open window.
“The very first time she reached for my face, her fingernail penetrated my eye,” Eleece Moll said. “I knew from that point I had to keep my eyes closed.”



Who’s Awesome?…

September 29, 2009


…you’re awesome.


[As Seen on Airline by Stephen]

There’s a Reason You Work There

September 29, 2009


Congratulations…by the looks of your helpful memo, you seem very qualified to work at this gas station.


[As Seen on Barksdale by Starla]

Stars in Shreveport: James Woods Loves Glazed Ham

September 28, 2009


James Woods…degenerate Vegas pimp, white supremacist, namesake of High School in Family Guy, connoisseur of cured meats


[As Seen off of Southfield by Brandon]


A Dignified Advertisement

September 28, 2009

When selling cars, its important to maintain a sense of professionalism while relating to the type of consumer you are wishing to attract.  Consider the above a successful demonstration of that approach.

[As Seen in Shreveport by The Pacer]

The Drive-Thru Rascal

September 27, 2009


When you want to get your drink on, sometimes you must attack the Liquor Store drive-thru by any means necessary.


[As Seen on E. 70th by David]

That Not-So-Fresh Feeling

September 25, 2009

winterfresh car

How fresh can ones ride really be when it is broken down on the side of the road with discount whitewalls.

[As Seen on I-49 by David]