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Freakin’ Sweet!

May 28, 2010

Lois:  Peter, Please!  I saw an ad for a used car that would be perfect…

Peter:  Oh no Lois, a guy at work bought a car out of the paper…ten years later…BAM!…herpes.

[As Seen at Lowe’s on Youree by Scotty]



Grande Vanilla Redneck

May 27, 2010

Dont talk to him until he’s had his coffee…unless you want to talk about guns, monster trucks, or Waylon Jennings.

[As Seen on Airline Drive at Starbucks by Myles]


Whip ’em Out Wednesday

May 26, 2010

Its the subtle approaches that usually work best. (Ed. Note:  Anyone wishing to act on this, please do so in the comments…for comedy’s sake of course)

[As Seen at the Louisiana Boardwalk]


Introducing the Official Band of ASIS

May 26, 2010

Long have I been searching for a song the truly encapsulates all that is Shreveport…and sure, I guess Bossier too.  I had assumed such a tune would come from one of many, shall we say, urban selections (I looking in your general direction, Hurricane Chris), or at the very least some Kenny Wayne Sheppard, but lo and behold I have found not just a song, but a band, with many a song, about our fair city.  May I introduce Oklahoma’s (but they do have band members from Haughton) own, Turnpike Troubadours.  They not only have songs entitled “Shreveport” and “Bossier City” but they have an entire album named for the safe harbor of Shreveport white flight…and there isn’t even a veiled nod to Ed Hardy anywhere on the album art (honestly, a little disappointing)

You can check out the entiretly of both of their albums here.


Mean Muggin’

May 25, 2010

David Dean Taylor, Jr., charged with registration as a sex offender…is regretting wearing his favorite “I’m a kid toucher” tshirt that day.

[As Seen in the Shreveport Times]


Yo Vanilla, Kick It One Time

May 24, 2010

All is finally right in the world.  Wayward souls have finally reunited to cross over to the other side together as one, because, simply, they are so unbreakably connected that one without the other simply won’t restore order and balance to the universe.

No, its not the LOST finale…its Vanilla Ice and the City of Bossier…together as it was always meant to be. 

And as you might expect, ASIS’s breakdancing mascot was the pregame show. (after the jump)


Mounting a Deer

May 24, 2010

Your Mom will think twice next time when she says you can use the car to get back and forth to your summer job.

[As Seen near Shreveport Regional Airport by Brannon]