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Going Balls Out

September 30, 2010

I like a refined lady…a lady of class and sophistication…a lady who will throw caution to the wind and get a tattoo of an anatomically correct monkey flipping off passers-by.

[As Seen at UPS on E. 70th by Emily]



Donks on a Budget

September 29, 2010

Freehand drawing and acrylic paint…that’s whats hot on these streets.

[As Seen on Janey and Dollarway by Jeff]


Mean Muggin’

September 28, 2010

Thomas Anthony Guyer, arrested for resisting arrest, manufacturing/distributing of a Schedule I narcotic…repeat offender, still the owner of the greatest collection of face tattoos ever.

[As Seen in the Shreveport Times]


Knowing Your Audience

September 27, 2010

In Shreveport, a sound political strategy involves avoiding having any sort of healthy policy debate by distracting the electorate with free hot wings and a ride in a limo.

[As Seen in Shreveport by Trey]


Gettin’ Your Hur Did

September 24, 2010

Readers of As Aseen in Shreveport, I, Bunkie T. Perkins, Esquire, have failed you.  I let one of the more stirring events to fall upon our fair city in some time come and go without even the slightest bit of documentation from this website.  I come to you today, hat in hand, asking for your forgiveness that such an oversight will never again occur under my watch.  Thankfully, the Shreveport Times succeeded where I failed.  I give to you the Port City Hair’s Annual Ultimate Barber and Cosmetology Battle.

They could have been models at an Ebony Fashion Show, but actually they modeled hair styles at the Port City Hair’s Annual Ultimate Barber and Cosmetology Battle. The models wore many hair styles including cornrows, Mohawks, braids and twists, in such colors as red, blue and purple.

The event, in its sixth year, drew a crowd of more than 500 people to the Shreveport Convention Center on Sunday and showcased some of the best talents within a 300-mile radius of Shreveport. Barbers and hairstylists went toe-to-toe for $12,000 in cash prizes and, of course, bragging rights.

I encourage you, nay, IMPLORE YOU to go to the photo gallery.  Its really epic stuff.

[As Seen in the Shreveport Times by Marshall]


Hazard a Guess

September 23, 2010

Sad thing about this…this is actually Tom Wopat’s car.

[As Seen at Academy on Bert Kouns by Jason]


Getting a Leg Up

September 22, 2010

Gender confusion, half eaten turkey leg, likely without pants…Wal Mart greeters are taking a turn for the sexy.

[As Seen at the Wal Mart on Pines Rd by C]