Tag the Sky(lark)

When Grandma eventually comes out of the Super 1, she’s gonna be pissed!

[As Seen on Shreveport-Barksdale by Alan, Benjamin, Callie, and Mighty Horse]


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6 Comments on “Tag the Sky(lark)”

  1. JC Says:

    All the cool rides seem to be spotted around Shreve City.

  2. Bobmac Says:

    When mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass.

  3. Unhappy Monkey Says:

    Monkey House!!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    This is your brain on drugs. lol

  5. slacker Says:

    When Monkey House rocks, he rocks the D-sippers.

  6. […] Profane cold cures, transcendent hairdos, famous rappers at TGIFridays and more than a few truly amazing paint jobs. And for Monday night only, you could have also spotted a live gyr falcon circling […]

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