A Kind Mob

A group of ambitious youths took a break from their usual Wednesday ultimate frisbee game to storm the streets of downtown Shreveport (at 4:20, of course) to demand the legalization of marijuana, or the freeing of Tibet, or to protest the George Clinton concert in the Pit…Im really not sure.  But they were out in force with their signs, catchy slogans, and totally righteous Che Guevara tshirts, and ASIS was there to capture it.

They came united with a mission…but predictably, got a bit delayed when they passed the Subway on Texas Street

No Widespread Panic, no peace!

Angry mob or hacky sack circle, you decide.

Of course, there’s a chill bro riding a long board bringing up the rear.

[As Seen in Downton Shreveport]


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6 Comments on “A Kind Mob”

  1. Jim Says:

    Delayed as they passed the Subway . .

  2. sarah j. hollimon Says:

    I’d call this clever, but it’s not really. Just a rehashing of all the stereotypes we’ve built around stoners. I did chuckle, though, so thanks for that. :) I marched in that rally, and once you get through all the puns and name-calling, there may be some facts that interest you and your readers(or maybe not. I can respect that legal pot is and will always be a joke to some):
    1. I never really ran into anyone fresh from a frisbee game. The people I spoke with had all taken a break from work or were leaving the rally directly and heading to various jobs. There was one guy who was “gainfully unemployed” (if anyone knows the origin of that phrase, please enlighten me), but he’s the only one I ran into.

    2. The rally started at 3:00, not 4:20…but we all did discuss that the next one needs to start at 4:20.

    3. How could you not be sure of our message? Oh, I see…you were using a little “free expression” to get a few more taudry jokes in. :)

    4. Word to the wise, Che is Argentinian. Bob Marley is Jamaican…I saw a lot of his t-shirts, but no Che. I’m not sure how you got that one mixed up…were YOU smoking? :)And if you were…why didn’t you share?

    5. Dude (ok, now I’M just furthering the stereotype), nobody stopped at Subway. There were two people there eating who joined our cause as we passed them. They LEFT their munchies to march, go figure!

    Of course, all of this is as tongue in cheek as the article, but I would like to end without humor. I am 35 years old, and I marched. There were fraternity boys, hippies, skaters, hipsters…and would have been a lot more from different walks of life if North Louisiana didn’t have a twinge of closed mindedness ( and that oh so minor fact that it IS still illegal) to overcome. My “circle” has included teachers, lawyers, television executives, musicians, painters, servers, cooks, construction workers, gas station attendants, car sales personnel. And I’m growing that list. The legalization of marijuana is on the horizon, and I don’t care who laughs at us…the sound will just be music to my ears when the laws are finally changed. And, they will be. Thanks for your article. I DID really enjoy it.

    • charlie sheen Says:

      pot will never be legalized in this country. it employs too many people: police, judges, prison guards, etc..

  3. Spicoli Says:

    All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.

    • mrbill Says:

      hey sarah…it was a joke. stop frowning.

      • sarah hollimon Says:

        mrbill, tongue in cheek is an expression that means joking. I was laughing while I wrote this. Sorry the humor was lost on you. :)))))))))…see, I’m ALL smiles!

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