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ASIS on Vacation

December 15, 2010

Every once in a while we all have to take a break from the Port City to restore sanity and, more likely, avoid outstanding warrants.  ASIS is off this week, but fear not, it’ll be back in all of its Shreveport glory next week.  So take this time to reflect on your life, and more specifically the decisions you’ve made that have led you to this web site on a semi regular basis.

Til next week, tricks.


Happy Thanksgiving from ASIS

November 25, 2010

As is tradition here at ASIS, Im entirely too hopped up on moonshine and tryptophan to render anything resembling a decent post….and as is tradition, Founder of the Crips and Shreveport native, Tookie Williams is here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay strapped and have a good holiday weekend.

ASIS Blind Item

October 28, 2010

Hearing rumors that a nice little bomb shell is about to be dropped on the Shreveport Mayoral Race. 

Sit back….get really, really, relaxed…like Widespread Panic Show contact high relaxed…and enjoy.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick.  It’s not so blind anymore…there are questions being raised about accusations in the divorce proceeding of local attorney Dannye Malone.  In one of the written interrogatories sent to Malone, he was  asked if he had ever smokes pot with Glover and Chief Administrative Office Dale Sibley in the Malone home.  No answer was given and take into account that this is a divorce proceeding and as anyone who has been involved in one knows, a spouse can accuse another of some pretty outlandish nonsense,  but, it at the very least raises a question that Glover will need to address.  Its going to be hard to deny, because the guy clearly has a severe case of the munchies (yeah, a fat joke, lighten up Francis).  See the document here.



October 21, 2010

Your humble host, Mr. Bunkie T. Perkins will be on the most alternative of radio stations today.  Catch me as I talk about my childhood, my hopes and dreams, and probably some stories of lost love or something on KSCL 91.3 at noon or there abouts.  I may be a few minutes late because Ive got to go home and change into my skinny jeans and ironic tshirt so in can fit in with the kids over at Centenary. 

You can listen here.

Buy Mexican Food, Help Out Norman

November 17, 2009

ASIS is taking a brief respite from the funny to let you know that tonight every El Chico Restaurant in Shreveport/Bossier is having a fund-raiser for the Norman Taylor Fund. Norman was paralyzed last year during a Byrd football practice. 

15% of proceeds from tonight’s food sales goes toward the $50K goal. El Chico-Greenwood Road: Evangel students helping serve/host; Madison Park: Norman’s Byrd… Buddies will be there; Bert Kouns:Shreve students assisting; Old Minden Rd. Parkway will be on hand.

So go pick you up some reasonably priced Mexican food and help out a great cause!