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Rob and Big Ced

March 8, 2011

Rob Dyrdek, pro skateboarder and MTV star, presents the new Stoner skate park.  It was nice of him to bring his body guard, Big Black with him as well….oh….wait.

A bunch of great photos over at the Shreveport Times here.

[As Seen in the Shreveport Times]



Shreveport is for Glovers

November 10, 2010

To the victor of the Mayoral race goes the spoils…and the personalized license plates.

[As Seen Downtown by Clayton]


Cedric Glover is a Fat Boy

November 2, 2010

Its election day, so to celebrate, I bring to you an ASIS original production….call it an answer to the Bryan Wooley masterpiece from a few weeks back or just call it what I think it is, the long awaited return of the Fat Boys to mainstream music popularity.  Either way, try not to over-exert yourself but get out and vote today, Tubby.


Size Matters

August 12, 2010

Fat jokes…officially in season for the Shreveport Mayor’s race.

[As Seen on Ellerbe by Deanna and Ali]


Well, Im Sold

March 29, 2010

Our estimable Mayor, Cedric Glover is on the YouTube talking to the Google about something on the interwebs involving fiber or some other sort of diuretic.  I believe he thinks this is the only way you can actually get in touch with Google.  I also think he does a hell of a sales job, and those cutaways from topic to topic…so seamless.

[As Seen on YouTube by Bob]


When Impersonating a Police Officer Goes Terribly Wrong

September 16, 2009


Pretending you are a police officer is all sirens and night stick clubbing fun until you accidently pull over the city’s Mayor.

SHREVEPORT, La. – A man impersonating an officer with a flashing red light in his car has been arrested after he pulled over the wrong driver — the mayor of Shreveport, La., police said.

Police think the suspect was using the in-dash light to maneuver through traffic Monday night in northwest Louisiana.

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover said he pulled over when the driver pulled up behind him, but that the man turned around and left as soon as he saw it was the mayor.

Mayor Glover, determined not to let the perp flee, did his best Buford T. Justice impression, and commenced to hot pursuit.

Glover said he then followed the car and called police, who arrived just as the suspect pulled up to a house.

The suspect, Daniel Niederhelman, 21, of Shreveport has been charged with false impersonation of a peace officer.

[As Seen on MSNBC by Anne]

FACEBOOK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND UPDATE:  The “arresting” officer’s photo and Facebook page after the jump [HT: Half of the Power Couple]