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In Memoriam

October 27, 2009


In Shreveport, honoring the dead in a dignified manner typically involves a custom paint job on your donk, but in special occasions, a full on mural on the hood is appropriate.


[As Seen in Downtown Shreveport]


The Champagne of Trucks

September 10, 2009


Shameless promotion or glaring evidence of a drinking problem…or both.

[As Seen at Lowes on Youree]

Of Creative Spelling and Inflated Senses of Self Worth

August 19, 2009


If this car were actual candy, it would be those marshmellow peanut things that nobody in their right minds would eat.

[As Seen in Dowtown Shreveport]

When Teeth Whitening Trays Simply Aren’t Enough

August 12, 2009


Let your molars get their shine on (and glow in the dark) for a measly $100.

[As Seen on Mansfield Road by Jeff]

Nickelodeon Has More Street Cred Than Previously Thought

August 12, 2009

sponge bob

Naturally, this was parked outside the local Krusty Krab establishment.

sponge bob2

Here’s hoping that this is a trend, if for no other reason than for the inevitable unveiling of the “Today’s Special” themed car.

[As Seen on Youree and Stratmore by Heather]

Hail to the Chief

August 10, 2009


Thanks to Cash for Clunkers, the President seems to have traded in the limo for a more efficient ride…on 24’s, of course.

[As Seen on Line Ave by FratGuy]

Who Needs Fine Corinthian Leather, Part II

August 7, 2009


Refined luxury is having the finest leathers on the interior AND exterior.

[As Seen on the InnerLoop by Patrick]