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This Week in Bossier

August 27, 2009


All Affliction shirts will be flying at half mast this week across the river…for “Mr. Bossier City” has passed on to that great Rockin’ Rodeo in the sky.

Mr. Bossier City is gone. Col. Neil Yarborough passed away at the age of 93 Thursday…Yarborough has been called by many as “Mr. Bossier,” because of his family’s involvement since the beginning of the city…Yarborough was born into a family with deep roots in Bossier City. His grandfather, Marco B. Woodyard, was the second mayor of Bossier City, and served from 1910 through 1919.

Mr. Bossier was also quite an accomplished author…

In 2007, Yarborough published the book, “HISTORY OF BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA FROM THE EARLY YEARS (1833-2006).” It was that same year Bossier City Mayor George Dement officially proclaimed him, “Mr. Bossier City,” although he had long owned the title.

I havent read the book, but I’ve got to believe that any literary work about the history of Bossier consists of nothing but pictures of community college girls’ tramp stamps, tricked out Pontiac Fieros, and a detailed timeline documenting the evolution of hair salons in town.