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This Week in Bossier

March 15, 2011

An unpaid debt calls for ramming speed!

Sometimes its not about the money…it’s just the principle of the thing that causes a man to ram his mother’s pick-up truck into the house of another man’s mothe multiple times.

BOSSIER CITY — A man who was upset because he hadn’t been repaid $15 rammed his pickup into the house belonging to the other man’s mother, causing thousands of dollars in damages, Bossier City police said.¬†

 Randal Scott Gatti, 39, of Bossier City faces charges of criminal property damage.

Bossier City police said Gatti used a pickup to ram a house in the 3000 block of Jamie Place four times late Saturday afternoon.

The house belongs to Glenna McDonald Demoss, who operates a pest control business out of the house. She said her son owed Gatti for driving one of their workers to a job.

No one was home when Gatti showed up to collect his money, she said.

Officers dispatched to the incident said they found Gatti sitting in a heavily damaged pickup parked in the home’s driveway with the engine running. He wasn’t hurt, police said.

The pickup belonged to Gatti’s mother, police said. Gatti took it without permissions, officers said, so they also booked him for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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